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Trivia Rules


Hello and welcome to for-the-people.com's Trivia rules page.

>We started with an old beat-up box of Trivia Pursuit cards, and now we're playing Wit's End. (Thanks Crash!)
We've played through 5 entire Trivia Pursuit games, countless trivia challenge books, The Gender Gap, aka Gender Bender, (who usually won fellas?), a Trivia Fever book (Thanks Cheetah),
and my all time favorite: (Play it by Ear, trivia with sound clips. (Was it pistachio mint nut or chocolate nut mint?) The fun didn't stop there, we've played tri-bond, loaded question and others I can't remember. We've had monthly individual champions, and now weekly and total team scores. The only thing that has stayed the same is we've always gotten together to have fun. That makes the most important rule, because this is a game, Everyone must be able to have fun. It is also a competition, and in the case of Gender Gap an informal brawl, but we can't let that come in between the game and the fun.

We play Tuesday from 8:00p to 9:30pm EST in Games People Play which is a General Family Room, so please use General Family Room Language.

Wit's End

?p>We are currently playing a game called Wit's End and anyone who's played can tell you why. This game provides 4 different nerve-racking categories that challenge, and sometimes frustrate, our 2 teams. The team names for this game are "The Nit Wits" and "The Smart Alecs." Ok so you might not think of your self as a nit wit or a smart alec, but it's a lot better than Team A and Team B.


Team Rules

1. You may not use any external sources for help. (No dictionaries, atlases or the use of the internet in general, and google and other search engines specifically. Brain power only!


2. No talking during the opposing teams turn. Fair is Fair. Do not clog the queue with unrelated items during your teams turn. Everyone needs a chance to queue up if they think they can help.

Object: To Win, of course! One team is declared a winner at the end of each night plus there will be a final Team winner then we finish the box of cards.

Scoring: Each team has 2 minutes to help their team captain reach a final answer. When I time, I try to give 1 minute or 30 second warnings, but i can't always get the key so your only warning might be times up. Each question is worth 1 point, no matter how hard or easy you think it is. The card's answer is law and not subject to interpretation. If an incomplete answer is given I will ask the team captain only to be more specific. An example is: If the team captain gives an answer of "Hemmingway" and the answer is "Ernest Hemmingway" I will ask them to be more specific. If the team captain gives the answer of fish and the card's answer is flounder, mackerel, or some other kind of fish, that I might not even recoginize; then the answer will be wrong. The difference is with Ernest Hemmingway it can clearly be seen that the answer is partially correct and I'm giving the team captain a chance to still get the point. With the fish to trout scenerio it could or could not be clear that the answer is incomplete.

Strategy: Each team only has 2 minutes to correctly answer their question, so teamwork is essential. Time starts immediately after I finish reading the question. I can repeat the question, but on your time. Usually for the first part team members who know the answer, or think they can add information, speak up. They give their answer and briefly explain how they got it. The whole team only has 2 minutes to decide, so make your time count. After everyone who can help has spoken the captain may or may not have time to ask for a vote. Listen to your captain. If they ask for a vote, just vote. If they ask you to vote between 2 answers, vote between just them. IF no one solidly knows the answer, help each other eliminate some answers, or at least put together an educated guess.

Question Categories:

Teaser questions are all about relationships. An example: Cowboy is to Chaps, as Chef is to a) goggles b) apron c) pastry d) hot dog. The answer is apron because a cowboy uses chaps for protection and a chef uses an apron for protection. The comparison the game uses will not be this obvious but there is always someway to make a relationship between the 4 words. If you'd like to guess at the answer please explain how you came up with your answer. These can be the hardest of the four categories and it usually takes the whole team's ideas to finally see what answer relates the best.

Odd 1 Out questions gives you four choices and asks you to eliminate one based one the question. Example: Which one of the following is not a type of cheese: a) cheddar b) gouda c) swiss d) Volkswagen. The answer is Volkswagen be cause it is not a cheese, but a German Car. If you don't know the answer, but are pretty sure one is part of the group that can be helpful too.

1, 2, 3 Sequence questions give you 3 items and ask you to put them in a specific order. Example: Arrange these American Holidays from earliest to latest in the year: Groundhog's Day, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve. Make sure you remember what order they want them in. If you can nail down even one it could help the team make an educated guess.

Wild card question have their own subcategories like 2 out of 3 where you have to get 2 out 3 fill in the blank questions correctly, and True or False where you have to correctly answer 2 true or false questions correctly. The might ask you to spell 2 words correctly or identify song lyrics too.


Hope this helps to clarify some questions about game play .

Hope to See Ya Tuesday!


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